God is everywhere

No matter where you are, you can still receive the word of God, provided you have a smart phone or other smart device to access the internet. Because God easily reaches beyond any church building with His word. More

When peace and quiet settle on the congregation

When the congregation gathers for divine service after a stressful week and prays, people’s hearts are flooded with peace. They feel the love of God, His grace, and confidence. Since 2020 this is also possible online. More

Praying together

Hearing God’s word, forgiveness of sins, and worshipping God together—these are some of the central elements of divine service. And this, at least, is also possible online. More

Divine service comes to the people

Basically, it is the people who come to church. But sometimes this is not possible. Then the church comes to the people, and it is only a click away. More

Changes in the circle of the Apostles (2/2022)

In most parts of the world, the Covid situation has improved so that Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider was once again able to travel and ordain and retire Apostles. Some retirees had to wait longer for the official act because of the pandemic. More

Virtual fellowship

Divine service is an encounter with God and takes place within the assembled congregation: where possible, the faithful meet for worship and come together for Holy Communion. Where this is not possible, prayer, the sermon, and the benediction can also be experienced online. More

Another year is dawning

Beginning the new year with God—on one’s own or with one’s family, but also in fellowship with our brothers and sisters. Christians are looking forward to it. More

Coming soon: women in ministry

The year 2022 will go down into the New Apostolic history books. For the very first time, the Church has provided a doctrinal answer to a 160-year-old question. And the resulting decision will begin to take effect in the year 2023—when women will also be given the opportunity to be ordained into ministry. More

Ushering in a new generation of leadership

It was the year of the District Apostle Helpers: over the past twelve months, the Chief Apostle assigned no less than three new ones. This is not by coincidence. In fact, there is a stated reason behind these changes. And it all has to do with the future. More

Celebrating Christmas!

Christmas is a feast of joy and love even if numerous things can cloud this joy. For Christians, however, there is always a reason to celebrate: namely the birth of Jesus. More

The team has got the hang of it

The blue shelf in the background is unmistakable. This piece of furniture always appears when a new year begins, namely in the Chief Apostle’s New Year’s address. In a supporting role this time around: a piece of invisible art. More

Thoughts and links for the fourth Sunday of Advent

Traditionally, we can be certain that the fourth candle on the Advent wreath is always lit after the third one. And just as certain are the YouTube services being offered by the various districts. Here are the links for this Sunday. More

Training for a sacred task

“God will never ask you to do something that you cannot do.” This is what the Chief Apostle said at the assignment of Apostle Stefan Pöschel as District Apostle Helper, not least of all in light of his future task. More

Anticipating Christmas

This Sunday we will light another candle on the Advent wreath as we turn our attention more and more to Christmas. Even so, not all feel comfortable enough yet to join the in-person services in their local congregation. More

Southern Africa: Preparing the future

Wisdom, strength, peace, and joy. These are the Chief Apostle’s blessings for the District Apostle Helper whom he assigned on Sunday: Apostle Peter Lambert has been designated to lead the New Apostolic Church Southern Africa in the future. More

A District Apostle Helper for Western Germany

The new man has already demonstrated leadership qualities: both in the Church and in his working life. He also has pastoral qualities. This is what companions say. They are convinced: the New Apostolic Church Western Germany can look forward to its District Apostle Helper. More

Divine services on six continents

There are members everywhere who are doing what they can these days to ensure that divine services are transmitted via Internet and telephone. There is only one continent from which the New Apostolic Church does not transmit online services. More

Peter Lambert becomes new District Apostle Helper for South Africa

Apostle Peter Lambert, who was the head of music of the Church in South Africa for many years, will be assigned as a District Apostle Helper for the New Apostolic Church Southern Africa on Sunday, 4 December. A big task, but one that he faces with confidence in God: “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God” (Luke 18: 27). More

Teamwork on a global scale

Work on the new children’s teaching material is progressing well. An overview was given at the recent international District Apostle Meeting. Writers and teams from various countries are involved in compiling the various books. More

Starting the new church year together

On Sunday Christians around the world will celebrate the first Sunday of Advent. A time of special lights, being together, and extraordinary emotions. More