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News from around the New Apostolic world is released on every day except Sunday. How do you find out when the articles go online without constantly having to manually check the website for new content?

RSS feed offers an RSS feed. To display RSS feeds, a feed reader is required. Installation is free of charge. Depending on the settings of the feed reader used, the title and lead of any new articles will be posted on your tablet or computer instantaneously.


As soon as a new article pops up on, registered users will receive a preview of the article via email. To use this service, two things are required: signing up on with your name and email address, as well as selecting email notifications in your personal profile after login.

nacnews app

Already a few minutes after the article goes online, the content will be displayed in full length and with all the images in our nacnews app. The app is free for iOS and android, and can be downloaded from the Apple and Google stores .

Social Media

We also share new articles on social media such as, the social networking service of the New Apostolic Church, as well as on our Facebook page

Facebook subscribers who have clicked “Like” for will receive new content when accessing their Facebook account.

Anybody who thinks all these newfangled ideas are nonsense and far too complicated, and for whom a daily visit to is the only reasonable alternative anyway, is always welcome. By the way, by dropping in you also get a look at what is going on in other districts, and free of charge on top. In the top right corner of the screen, there is a news ticker that relays the latest news from the websites of the district churches around the world.

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