Funds for our own ranks

The Swiss aid organisation NAK-Diakonia wants to help especially New Apostolic people who are in need, as well as ministers and functionaries within the Church. But when disasters strike the foundation helps where help is needed, irrespective of the religion. More

A disaster on one’s own doorstep affects people more

The relief organisation NAK-karitativ received significantly more donations in 2021 than usual. The reason for this was the special willingness to help after the flood disaster in Germany. In terms of the number of projects, the focus was on East Africa. More

The sacraments (67): A story behind every sentence

Three years and 66 parts later… The series on the sacraments has given us a lot of food for thought on theology and history in general and on New Apostolic specialties in particular. As a final instalment, here is an overview with dozens of links. More

Slogging away for the future, preferably in Africa

From Togo to Austria and back. Laura Johanna Fischer lives in two worlds. Several times a year, the 27-year-old travels to the African continent to advance her heart’s project there. This is still a tender plant and needs a lot of care. More

“Please be careful!”

Marketplaces for the loud and those with inflated egos. Social media poses dangers. “Please be careful!” the Chief Apostle advised and mentioned what we are up against. Here’s the replication of a statement against ignorance and delusion, dumbing down, and hurting others. More

The Church expands its misconduct policy

Clear words, strong action… In line with this motto, the New Apostolic Church is continuing its fight against sexual misconduct. This was also evident at the meetings of the District Apostles this past week. More

Suffering: NAC SEA Relief makes it hurt a little less

The charity NAC SEA Relief provides help where it can. Thanks to the pastoral network of the New Apostolic Church in the Philippines, the charity can intervene quickly and sometimes also in unusual ways. The charity just published its annual report for 2021. More

Whoever has eyes, let them hear

In divine services for the deaf and hard of hearing choirs are often involved. They sign the words of the songs with and without music. Here is an example to look back on the International Day of Sign Languages that was observed yesterday, Friday. More

Responsible for peace

Pray for peace in the world, this is the appeal made by the New Apostolic Church for 21 September, the International Day of Prayer for Peace. In this way, congregations can even take on a mission entrusted to us by Jesus Christ Himself. More

Happy moments behind the numbers

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a great deal of suffering to many people. On the other hand, NAK-Humanitas, the non-profit foundation of the New Apostolic Church Switzerland, managed to do some good. The recently published 2021 annual report not only provides numbers, but also gives some insight into the moments of happiness behind them. More

Not just Sunday School

Learning in Sunday School or Religious Instruction—children are quite familiar with that from Church. But it is something quite special when the Church also makes it possible for students to learn math and do sports through the week. The story of how education can break the spiral of poverty—here are some examples to mark World Literacy Day on September 8th. More

Showing solidarity even through a pandemic

Would people cut back on donations during the pandemic? This was the anxious question that confronted the New Apostolic relief agency NAK-karitativ in 2020, the year when COVID-19 first reared its head. The answer is to be found in the organisation’s most recent annual report, which is now available. More

Joining the World Council of Churches for the first time

"The love of Christ moves, reconciles, and unites the world"—so reads the motto of the current assembly of the World Council of Churches (WCC). And for the first time, the New Apostolic Church is among the guests. More

Collecting donations on two wheels

Riding together over a distance of more than 8,000 kilometres—and at nearly 90,000 metres above sea level: Werner, Karsten, Paul, and Caspar Kühnle committed to this struggle for a good cause. The grandfather, father, and two teenagers recently travelled the Camino de Santiago on their racing bikes. More

World Humanitarian Day

Floods, earthquakes, and disease… There is so much suffering in the world. Fortunately, there are people willing to help and provide aid. Much is also being done by the New Apostolic Church and its members. Today, 19 August, is World Humanitarian Day. More

Love others as they are, not as you would have them be!

“Indigenous” is a term that means “native”. The UN also speaks of autochthonous peoples, a reference to the descendants of the original population. The United Nations’ International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples is observed on August 9th each year to raise awareness. More

Lending a helping hand to the stranger

They are on the move—people who have had to leave their homes. They are displaced, homeless people who are rarely welcomed anywhere, and unfortunately their lot is still a bitter reality for far too many. June 20 is designated as World Refugee Day. More

Christians too have a responsibility

Those who believe in the thousand-year kingdom of peace know: we still need our good old Mother Earth. And this knowledge entails a mission. Today, 22 April, we mark International Mother Earth Day. More

Adding life to long days

Tamara Hainz from the congregation of Lauffen in the south of Germany has been volunteering as a hospice worker for a few years now. She is 24 and talks about her volunteering and her experiences. More

“Every human being is loved by God”

To live or let die? No one takes a decision of such gravity lightly, especially when it comes to unborn life. Here is the New Apostolic Church’s position on abortion. More