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Serving and reigning: determining our future

To reign also means to take control over our own life, our own person, and our own future. Jesus Himself provides the necessary strength and wisdom. Here is the fourth and last video from the New Year’s Day service with the Chief Apostle. More

Serving and reigning: tomorrow’s questions answered

“Serving and reigning with Christ” is our motto for 2023. The idea behind it the Chief Apostle explained in the New Year’s Day divine service. To begin with, there is a journey through time. Here is the first of four videos. More

Motto 2023: Serving and reigning with Christ

This is God’s plan for His own: “Serving and reigning with Christ”. It is also the motto issued by the New Apostolic Church for 2023. In his New Year’s address, the Chief Apostle explains just how little this has to do with exercising power or ruling over others. More

On God’s glorious morn

This is anything but a silent night. The powerful opening strains of “When He Cometh” draw our focus to the return of Christ as we celebrate this Christmas Day. Composed by Clyde Davids for tenor, choir, and orchestra, this is a complete own production from the Cape. More

A final opening

Enjoy this Christmas medley performed by the orchestra of the New Apostolic Church South America. As the name suggests, it was an overture to a 2019 Christmas concert. More

Training for a sacred task

“God will never ask you to do something that you cannot do.” This is what the Chief Apostle said at the assignment of Apostle Stefan Pöschel as District Apostle Helper, not least of all in light of his future task. More

“Hark! How the bells…”

Originally composed as a New Year’s song in Ukraine, this song came to be associated with Christmas in the United States where it was given new lyrics. The “Carol of the Bells” rings out on the third weekend of Advent, sung by a vocal quartet from Hamburg in Germany. More