Dramatic and powerful

The title of the song translates as “Let me be nearer, my Lord” and has a striking resemblance to “Nearer, my God, to Thee”. “Mangisondele Nkosi Yam”, a traditional praise and worship song from the Zulu culture, is centred on a rhythmic section and is guaranteed to send chills down your spine. More

Young and active

A New Year’s Eve get-together for the little ones, hiking with the confirmands, and countrywide Youth Days: there is always something going on for our young sisters and brothers. Here is what our children and young people around world have been up to over the last weeks. More

God is everywhere

No matter where you are, you can still receive the word of God, provided you have a smart phone or other smart device to access the internet. Because God easily reaches beyond any church building with His word. More

Ministry (23): Messengers of the resurrection

Same value, same dignity, and the same mandate: this is based on God’s will as Creator. But ancient Judaism practised inequality. With Jesus Christ it was completely different: the gospel tells us about female students and disciples and other women who proclaimed His teaching to others. More

A watershed moment

There is definitely nothing old hat about the message of John the Baptist. In fact, it is highly current. Here is a divine service by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider in which he examined the preaching of John the Baptist, bringing his message into the present. More

More than just sharing accommodation

“Fellowship of life with Christ” is the overarching theme of the Sunday services in February. And that means more than just leaving a little room in our lives for Jesus and His gospel. Fellowship with Christ fills our whole life—today and in future. More

Pioneers with priorities

From Germany via Canada to Venezuela, and from there through Central and South America: this is the story of Apostle Lorenz Hans Muth. He was a pioneer in the classical sense and would have been one hundred years old today, 30 January 2023. More

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