Rethinking our social networks

After twelve years, is going offline at the end of November 2020. That does not, however, mean that the New Apostolic Church is quitting social media. Here is a look at how we plan to strengthen old and new media. has been up and running since 2008; initially as a social networking site in the run-up to the 2009 European Youth Convention (EYD). Following the EYD, the New Apostolic Church International followed the suggestion of Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber and took over the network from the EYD Ltd. and opened it for all age groups. Within a few months there were 10,000 users, then 20,000, and over the last few years there were a steady 40,000 registered users.

People change their minds

Since then the way people use social media has changed fundamentally. Social networks with a thematic focus have long slipped into insignificance or have disappeared completely. The list of examples is long and ranges from MySpace and Secondlife via StudiVZ and WKW to Vine and iTunes Ping.

Instead, networks are now popular that are not restricted to one subject area. These include Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. And in addition to these large networks, small, closed micro-networks, such as WhatsApp, are popular.

Things change

The migration of users from the thematic forums to the large platforms and micro-networks has an immediate effect on the membership growth and the activities of For this reason, the website will go offline on 30 November 2020.

A registration stop has been put in place, new registrations on are no longer possible. Over the coming weeks nacworld-users will receive further important details: how can a user save his own posted content? What happens with personal information?

The Church is redirecting its focus

The Church will strike out in a new direction in terms of coverage and reaching out. This includes, among other things, revamping the website, which is more than 20 years old. It is the official homepage of the international Church leadership and will be relaunched this year with new functions and an expanded range of content.

In addition, the activities on the social networking sites Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube will be intensified. In some media, new languages will be added, in others new social media projects are planned.

Supply and demand are moving closer together

The extensive and modern media offer of the New Apostolic Church International will otherwise continue to be available to users without restriction. This includes the homepage, the news magazine, the international member magazine community, as well as the apps for smartphones and tablets.

“Of course we regret the shutdown of nacworld,” Church spokesman Peter Johanning says, “but by refocusing our activities we are following the wishes of a clear majority.” His thanks go to all active users and team members who have made a unique community over the years.


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Oliver Rütten
Media, International