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    Serving and reigning: determining our future

    To reign also means to take control over our own life, our own person, and our own future. Jesus Himself provides the necessary strength and wisdom. Here is the fourth and last video from the New Year’s Day service with the Chief Apostle. More

    They risked their own lives

    He lost everything and found refuge with brothers and sisters in faith: Ernst Kaufmann, who was of Jewish descent, survived because people in his New Apostolic environment hid him from the Gestapo. Here is a short biography of him to mark the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust, which is observed annually on 27 January. More

    “The fire must be kept burning”

    People celebrate Christmas and Easter. Is there more behind it than tradition? People are aware of the problems and know how to solve them. So who really needs a Saviour? However, there is only one path that leads to lasting happiness and peace. More

    How God inquires about us

    All these questions… One of them is hardly worth answering, but the rest are worth paying close attention to and waiting for the echo from our own soul. Here is how God the Father and the Son lead and guide us with their questions. More

    Renouncing Satan: the meaning of the confirmation vow

    Soon young Christians will step up to the altar to be confirmed. Just before this act of blessing they recite a doctrinal text from the early church that deserves to be given a closer look. More